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Knowledge Companies and Their Strategies

By Erica Olsen

Knowledge Companies and Their Strategies

It is in the authors opinion that an organization must understand the overall business strategy of a knowledge company. The strategy demonstrates some of the key points of a knowledge company. The analogy used was, “Suppose we throw off our old factory glasses and look in the other direction, what strategy do we see then I call it the “strategy of the knowledge company”, (Sveiby and Lloyd, 1987). The following are characteristics of strategies that an organization should try to emulate to be successful:

  • Solves complex non-standard problems demanding creativity
  • Has a small flat organization
  • Has a high number of professional employees
  • Few are non-skilled employees
  • Grows organically and through alliances rather than by acquisition
  • Forms private partnerships rather than goes public
  • Treats its clients individually
  • Builds company strength through skilled individuals
  • Develops the organization through developing the know-how of the employees
  • Has managers who are formal as well as informal leaders




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