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Our team of expert strategic planning consultants can lead your planning sessions using our best practices, real-world experience, and hands-on exercises to build an excellent agile plan.


Strategic Planning Consulting to Accelerate Your Impact

Our expert consultants partner with you to establish a bold vision supported by an agile strategy with OKRs to accelerate your impact. Then, we’ll stand up an implementation approach supported by our app to keep your bold direction connected to your team’s day-to-day work.

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Why Choose Our Planning Consultants

  • We are practical, pragmatic, and concrete. We cut the excess and help your team get to the bottom line faster.
  • We believe in vision and impact. Every strategic planning and OKR effort starts with a great vision and clear impact.
  • We built a planning approach that works for individuals, managers, C-suites, and their boards. Success in strategy requires engaging everyone and driving the right activities to achieve your desired future state.

Our Strategic Planning Consultants Solve the
Traditional Planning Pain Points

Traditional strategic planning is static and doesn’t connect individuals’ efforts to your vision or mission. So, we’ve created a strategic planning consulting approach to fix the pain points. We’ll work with your team to create an agile approach to engage your team and connect them to what matters most in your organization. Build a great plan that sticks — the first time.

How We Deliver Strategic Planning Services

We Facilitate

Let our experts lead the process for you to build a plan virtually or onsite.

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We Coach

Lead your planning with support and guidance from an expert coach.

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Run a StrategySpintTM

Build an agile plan to align your team in as little as 4 weeks.

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OnStrategy Team

Erica Olsen, CEO and Co-Founder

Erica Olsen quite literally wrote the book on strategic planning – Strategic Planning for Dummies, in fact.

As CEO and co-founder of OnStrategy, Erica has dedicated almost twenty years to growing OnStrategy with one goal in mind; help organizations around the globe create and implement strategic plans to achieve their bold visions of success.

Erica’s expertise as a strategic planning consultant includes strategic plan facilitation, strategy design, implementation, OKRs, and consistent results management. Her dedication to the craft of strategic planning has helped organizations like Patagonia, Microsoft, Make-A-Wish, the City and County of San Francisco, and Keystone Healthcare Management.

Erica’s Consulting Expertise

  • Internal and External assessments
  • Strategic Plan Facilitation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Executive Team and Board Retreats
  • Culture Shift
  • Team Leadership
  • Business Development and Performance Management
  • Strategic Plan Facilitation
  • Strategic Plan Roll-Out
  • Strategic Plan Adoption

Jeff Brunings, Senior Strategist

Jeff is always looking at the bigger picture. His ability to step back, assess, and analyze how things fit together strategically is among the reasons he is one of our most efficient and effective senior strategic planning consultants.

Jeff has experience in revenue recognition and brand development for organizations ranging from startup to venture-backed and publicly traded. His versatility and background give him the versatility to help our clients find solutions to the complex problems they face. His client rap sheet includes Intuit, IBM, Harley Davidson, and Volcom.

Jeff’s Consulting Expertise

  • Sales and Sales Methodology
  • Marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Consulting
  • Advisory Services
  • Strategic Plan Facilitation
  • Team Leadership and Mentorship
  • Communications

Kim Perkins, Senior Strategist

Kim’s kind nature encases everything she does. While practical and pragmatic, her approach truly comes from her internal desire to bring people together to see success. As a consultant, her focus is empowering the public sector with the strategy to make an impact in our communities.

As an expert in public sector planning, her work as a strategic planning consultant includes various governments, non-profits, and school districts. Clients who’ve seen success directly from her career include Boy Scouts of America, North Slope Borough School District, Sovereign Nation of the Chitimacha Tribe, and the Discovery Museum of Northern Nevada.

Kim’s Consulting Expertise

  • Growth Strategy
  • Plan Design and Implementation
  • Internal and External Assessments
  • Research
  • School Districts and Non-profit Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Advisory Services
  • Strategic Plan Facilitation
  • Strategic Plan Roll-Out
  • Strategic Plan Adoption

Kamryn Mock, Strategist

As our team’s youngest strategist, Kamryn landed at OnStrategy equipped with the skills essential to navigating the 21st Century business environment. Her clients’ success is rooted in her commitment to learning as much as possible through listening, collaboration, and forward-thinking.

Kamryn has become one of our strategy implementation and execution experts, helping organizations around the globe roll out their plans and adopt an approach to keep their teams focused on what’s critical to success. Her client list includes the Maryland Food Bank, City of Reno, and Credit union west, just to name a few.

Kamryn’s Consulting Expertise

  • Research Design and Synthesis
  • Project Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Facilitation Synthesis
  • Strategic Plan Roll-Out
  • Strategic Plan Adoption

OnStrategy Consultants

Leigh Abbott
Senior Strategist
Tina Nazier
Senior Strategist
Cammy Elquist LoRé
Senior Strategist
Jeffrey Prottas
Senior Strategist
Stacye Thrasher Brim
Senior Strategist
Jeff Danielson
Strategist & Engagement Director
Jennifer Cunningham
Senior Strategist
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