Mission Statement

Checklist for How to Write a Great Mission Statement

One of our most received questions from our readers is “How do I write an awesome mission statement?” While that can be a loaded question, we thought we would break down... By Heyden Enochson

Keep Your Mission from the Crash and Burn

If an airline gave you the option to select the plane you fly on, would you choose the multi-million dollar, over-engineered machine or the plane built by Billy-Bob in his backyard?... By Heyden Enochson

Is Your Mission Statement Just Words on a Piece of Paper?

All great strategy starts with a mission statement, which is intended to articulate why an organization exists and to whom it provides value. Not only is the statement found in all... By Erica Olsen

What’s the Difference Between these Statements?

So, you're right about to begin crafting your strategic plan, but you don't know the difference between all the different components. Especially your mission, vision, values or principles? Do we really... By Shannon Sage

Ready to Define (or Refine) Your Mission Statement

As business leaders, we are put under a lot of undue stress to generate a perfect, short, sing-songy mission statement. The result is meaningless drivel, leaving everyone irritated and underwhelmed. Let's... By Todd Ballowe

Mission Statement

Mission statement - this is your core purpose, the underlying “why” you are climbing the mountain, why you are in business. A mission statement is a declaration of your organization’s purpose... By Shannon Sage

It is the Mission (Statement) that Leads Us

ABC News conducted a week-long series on China.  One segment focused specifically on America’s competition with China.
By Shannon Sage

Mission Statements

Mission statements define a company's purpose. It is a single statement of why something or someone exists. It is like your North Star, which is not a place you go, it... By Erica Olsen

How to Write a Mission Statement (4 mins)

What is a mission statement? Your mission statement answers the question, “why you exist as a company?” or “what is your organization’s core purpose?” Learn how to write one here from... By Todd Ballowe

Articulating Your Mission and Vision

Earlier I shared that successful strategic planning is a continuous process – something that you need to make a habit. Now, I’d like to also propose that the process isn’t linear... By Erica Olsen

Strengthen Your Mission and Vision for Profitability

Here's an experiment you can try: Walk into a company's office and find its mission statement hanging on a wall. Take note of its meanings, and then speak to any five... By Erica Olsen

Aveda’s Powerful Mission

Whenever I see a great mission statement, I have to share it.
By Erica Olsen

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