OKR software to help you achieve 80% of your goals – consistently.

OnStrategy’s OKR software aligns your team’s daily activities to your long-term vision of success. We help teams achieve 80% or more of their OKRs – consistently.

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OKR software to keep your team accountable and engaged to achieve results.

OKR software that creates organization-wide accountability and ownership.

OnStrategy’s OKR software aligns team and individual OKRs or goals to your organization’s long-term strategic direction. Everyone knows what they’re accountable for, when they need to provide progress updates, and how their day-to-day activities directly contribute to your organization’s future.

OKR and performance management software the creates organization-wide accountability.
Create your very own strategy execution playbook with the assistance of one of our strategy experts.

Make agility a reality by creating a custom execution cycle and running consistent monthly reviews and quarterly strategics.

Our OKR software comes with a built-in reviews section to create your monthly and quarterly strategic agendas, set your custom OKR execution cycle, and create focus on what matters most in achieving your vision of success.

Our OKR app creates focus on what’s critically important – everything else doesn’t matter.

Your entire organization will clearly see what’s important to achieving your vision of success. Transform your team’s daily activities from basic operations to creating the future of your organization with the best OKR software tool on the market. Our comprehensive OKR management software easily tracks progress and your performance against goals.

Keep your OKRs focused, aligned, and organized with our dedicated software.
OKR management software to automate data collection..

Focus on creating a team of strategic thinkers instead of chasing updates.

Easy results reporting features and automated reminders give your team space to focus on strategic thinking instead of updating spreadsheets.

Know exactly where you stand with a suite of beautiful and powerful OKR performance reports.

One-click OKR reports and action plans confidently drive your agile planning cycle with clickable, individual, department, and organization-wide OKR reports. Eliminate hours of administrative report prep by using our meeting-ready reports for your 1:1s, team meetings, and organization-wide strategy refreshes.

OKR management software to automate reports.
Strategic planning software with reports.

Meet the Virtual Strategist AI – your strategic planning copilot.

Tap into the Virtual Strategist AI to collaborate on building a great plan with OKRs. This AI expert is your always-on expert trained in the best practices for OKRs and implementation.

The Virtual Strategist AI (Beta) is available now!

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Frequently asked questions

We help leaders see if their strategy is delivering results with our OKR software. Here are some of our frequenly asked questions.
What is OKR software?

OnStrategy’s OKR software is a web-based performance management app to manage the results reporting, data management, and data visualization for your organization’s OKRs (company objectives and key results). OKR software helps your organization see if you’re delivering results against your strategy.

How does OnStrategy’s OKR software align teams and contributors to my organization’s vision?

We firmly believe that the best agile plans with OKRs are driven by a clear vision of success. Our OKR software makes it easy to cascade your long-term vision into annual organization-wide objectives and annual department OKRs. Then your team creates individual quarterly key results to support your annual focus. From bottom to top, your team will clearly see how their daily activities support your long-term vision.

How does my team update their OKRs?

Our web-based OKR app is available wherever and however your team prefers to work. Using our quick update tools, automated email reminders, mobile application, and Slack or Teams integrations, we make it easy for your team to update their OKRs in 30 seconds. Focus on executing your OKRs instead of managing spreadsheets.

What type of reports are available? Do you have an OKR dashboard?

OnStrategy provides a suite of OKR reports and action plans to manage the performance of your plan. Hold meaningful 1:1s, monthly check-ins, and quarterly refreshes to keep your plan agile and fresh. Reports are provided in HTML and PDF formats. OnStrategy also includes an OKR dashboard to visualize the results of your entire OKR stack.

Why choose OnStrategy over Excel?

We built OnStrategy because creating OKRs in Excel was a headache. Our app is purpose-built to track progress for OKRs and eliminate the headache of managing static spreadsheets. Check out our full comparison to Excel here.

What does the OKR app onboarding process look like?

OnStrategy’s OKR platform offers several options for onboarding – everything from self-guided implementation to having a dedicated expert run your quarterly strategics.

What can I expect in a trial?

We provide every customer a free 14-day trial of our OKR app and OKR dashboard to explore its features, functionality, and layout. We’ll also provide a guided demo and upload a piece of your plan into the OnStrategy app for you to see how your plan and performance reporting will look.

How much does OnStrategy cost?

OnStrategy’s OKR software starts at $500/quarter. Check out our pricing page here. We provide every customer a free 14-day trial of our OKR app and OKR dashboard to explore its features, functionality, and layout. We’ll also provide a guided demo and upload a piece of your plan into the OnStrategy app for you to see how your plan and performance reporting will look.

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