OKR Software to Align Teams & Contributors.

OnStrategy’s OKR software aligns your team’s daily activities to your organization’s long-term vision of success.

OKR Software to Align Daily Activities to your Long-Term Vision

Create Aligned OKRs

OnStrategy’s OKR software aligns team and individual OKRs or goals to your organization’s long-term strategic direction. Everyone knows what they’re accountable for, when they need to provide progress updates, and how their day-to-day activities directly contribute to your organization’s future.

OKR & KPI Dashboards

Our OKR software keeps your team connected to the performance of their OKRs and KPIs. Dashboards and quick access to your KPI scorecard make it easy to see movement in your OKR performance and what needs your attention. It’s never been easier to visualize and manage your entire organization’s OKRs.

One-Click OKR Reports & Action Plans

One-Click OKR reports & action plans confidently drive your agile planning cycle with one-click, individual, department, and organization-wide OKR reports. Eliminate hours of administrative report prep by using our meeting-ready reports for your 1:1s, team meetings, and organization-wide strategy refreshes.

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OnStrategy’s OKR Software Creates Alignment & Accountability
For Executive Teams

Guide your team to create and manage clear business health metrics.

For Departments & Managers

Set team priorities and build action plans with commitment to delivering results.

For Individual Contributors

Set priorities and create goals or key results that support the organization’s strategy.

For Boards & Stakeholders

Be confident the organization is aligned & pursuing a shared vision and strategic focus.

Q: How does OnStrategy’s OKR software align teams and contributors to my organization’s vision?

A: We firmly believe that the best agile plans with OKRs are driven by a clear vision of success. Our software makes it easy to cascade your long-term vision into annual organization-wide Objectives supported by quarterly team and individual Key Results. From bottom to top, your team will clearly see how their daily activities support your long term vision.
Q: How do I track progress of my plan?

A: Our OKR software is available where your and how your team prefers to work. Using our quick update tools, automated email reminders, mobile application, and Slack or Teams integrations, we make it easy for your team to update their OKRs in 30 seconds. Focus on executing your OKRs instead of managing spreadsheets.
Q: What type of reports are available?

A: OnStrategy provides a suite of OKR reports and action plans to manage the performance of your plan. Hold meaningful 1:1s, monthly check-ins, and quarterly refreshes to keep your plan agile and fresh. Reports are provided in HTML and PDF formats.
Q: How do I choose an OKR software?

OKR Video 1
Q: How can OnStrategy help me create OKR champions?

A: Our app supports OKRs for executive teams, department managers, individual contributors, and boards/stakeholders to create accountability and alignment. We’ll help you establish a consistent, repeatable quarterly cadence to update, review, and refresh your plan. Everyone becomes an OKR champion to drive weekly results aligned to your long term vision.
Q: What does OKR software onboarding look like?

A: Every OnStrategy subscription is supported by a dedicated senior strategist to help you build a plan or input your existing plan into our OKR software—these are professionals experienced in building OKRs, not just tech support.

We’ll also train your team, roll out your plan, and set up a quarterly OKR cycle for your organization to update, review, and refresh your plan. We’ll lead your first quarterly strategy review and check in throughout the year. We’re the only OKR software that is built by OKR practitioners and bundles a dedicated senior strategist that’s with you every step of the way along with our OKR software.
Q: What’s the difference between OnStrategy and other OKR software?

Other apps are built by software engineers. OnStrategy was built by a team of expert OKR consultants for real-world implementation. Every OnStrategy license includes the support and expertise of a dedicated senior strategist to help your team with everything from building your plan to implementation. We’re with you every step of the way.
Q: What can I expect in a demo?

A: We provide every customer a free 14-day demo of our OKR software to explore its features, functionality, and layout. We’ll also provided a guided demo and upload a piece of your plan into the OnStrategy app for you to see how your plan and performance reporting will look.
Q: How much does OnStrategy cost?

A: OnStrategy’s OKR software starts at $650 month. This includes unlimited users and the support of a senior strategist!
Q: What other companies have you worked with for OKR development?

A: We’ve built thousands of strategic plans and OKRs. We’ve worked with organizations large and small and inbetween—including non-profits, education institutions, for-profit, public and private businesses in almost every industry. See some of our recent work and case studies here.
Q: What are OKRs?

A: OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results.

Objectives are annual organization-wide goals with tangible, unambiguous outcomes.he successful achievement of an objective must provide clear value for the organization.

Key Results are the “hows” an Objective will be achieved. KRs are the inputs or deliverables to achieve the output (Objective). KRs describe deliverables or results, not activities. KRs are usually quantitative metrics (e.g., Secure 10 leads per week), but can also be effort based (e.g., create a process that reduces days to fill).
Q: Why choose OKR software over Excel?

A: We built OnStrategy because managing OKRs in Excel was a headache. Our app is purpose-built to support an OKR process and solve the pain points of managing OKRs in static spreadsheets. Checkout our full comparison to Excel here.
Q: Where can I get an OKR cheat sheet?

A: You can download a FREE OKR cheat sheet here!
Q: How is OnStrategy’s OKR software different from other options?

A: OnStrategy provides every organization a dedicated expert strategist to help build and implement your OKR framework. From creation to execution, we’re with you every step of the way. The best part? An expert is included in every software license. See our full comparison against other popular OKR software apps here.
Q: How do we make implementation of OKRs easier?

A: OnStrategy’s OKR software makes managing your OKRs a breeze. Plus, you’ll get the backing of a dedicated senior strategist who has built and deployed thousands of OKRs.
Q: Why do OKRs fail?

A: There are many reasons OKRs fail; three common reasons include OKRs are not connected to your long-term vision, not using a dedicated OKR software app, and not reviewing or refreshing OKRs at least quarterly.
Q: Want to learn more about OKRs?

A: You can do that here!

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