Access an on-demand, strategic planning course to build a great organizational strategy.

The StrategyHub includes access to a comprehensive, self-guided strategic planning course to build a thoughtful and differentiated strategy that fuels sustainable growth instead of leaving it to chance.

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Strategic planning course with AI to build an actionable organizational strategy.

Build a great plan at your own pace with StrategyHub’s strategic planning courses.

The StrategyHub is the only place that combines guided workflows, on-demand courses, integrated whiteboards, and AI (coming soon!) to help your team build an actionable strategic plan. Whether you need to build a plan or refresh your current one, your team has the on-demand tools and exercises to help you build an excellent winning strategy.

Guided strategic planning courses.
Create a bold vision for your future through collaboration and engagement between team members.

Follow a proven planning framework that’s been used by thousands of organizations.

The StrategyHub by OnStrategy uses a planning methodology we’ve deployed with success across thousands of organizations around the globe – everyone from Make-A-Wish to Patagonia to the City and County of San Francisco.

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Use the power of AI to break writers block to help you complete a great plan.

Access our 20 years of planning and leadership knowledge programmed into your very own virtual strategy assistant. Get answers to your questions, follow pre-built planning prompts, and complete your plan quicker than ever!

Course AI.
Our strategic alignment software allows you to build all on your own. We still provide a strategy expert to assist you whenever you're stuck.

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Our team of strategy experts is ready to jump in and help.

The StrategyHub is backed by a team of expert consultants that have created thousands of implementation-ready plans.

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Strategic Planning Course FAQ

What does StrategyHub’s strategic planning course cover?

The StrategyHub’s strategic planning course offers a comprehensive self-guided, online organizational strategy course that helps you create a complete strategic plan. Specifically, this online course covers:

  • How to build a great mission statement and identify your core values.
  • How to assess your current state and complete a SWOT.
  • How to identify your strategic goals and objectives.
  • How to build a winning growth strategy to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • How to build your 3-year strategic roadmap.
  • How to build your annual strategic plan with OKRs.
  • How to create an agile implementation cycle.
What is the curriculum included within each module of the strategic planning courses?

All courses are led and recorded by our CEO, Erica Olsen. Each course module includes:

  • An introduction to each module, what planning elements are covered, and how long each module will take.
  • A deep-dive into each planning element, including the definition, examples, and what good looks like.
  • How to facilitate creating each element with your team.

If you need to facilitate with your team, we make it easy with new collaboration tools, like our Miro integration, which provides hands-on exercises to run your strategic planning process.

What are OnStrategy’s six main areas of focus?

OnStrategy will always go over these six areas of focus in our course: Big, Bold Vision; Winning Strategy; Aligned Teams; Quarterly Rhythms; Compelling Communication; and Strong Culture.

What strategic planning tools and resources are included in the StrategyHub?

The StrategyHub includes access to the complete on-demand course suite, access to weekly calls with a community of peers, our library of planning content and assets developed from the last 20 years of work in the field, and our virtual strategist AI to help your organization build a great plan.

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