Competitive Advantages

Strategic Decisions: An Exercise to Define Your Competitive Edge

In our first two posts in this series, we covered an exercise to solve simple strategic issues and the the GE WorkOut to solve more complex problems in your organization. In... By Todd Ballowe

What are Competitive Advantages: Two Truths and A Myth

Often during plan design, we see organizations poorly manage or simply overlook integrating their competitive advantages into their strategy. The reason many organizations overlook competitive advantages during strategy design boils down... By Heyden Enochson

You Have to be Terrible to be Great

You will not be everything to everyone. The sooner your organization understands this fundamental concept, the better off you’ll be. The idea is actually pretty simple. In order for you to... By Heyden Enochson

Unwrapping Strategy

Defining strategy can be a scary place to step into because there’s as many thoughts, definitions and ideas around what it is as there are business books on the subject, and... By Shannon Sage

Leadership’s Role in Driving Strategy

In our first part of our 5-post blog series on unwrapping strategy, we are reviewing what the leadership’s role is in driving strategy. Having leadership is one of the most important... By Shannon Sage

A New Mindset: Strategic Planning for Customers

From time to time, clients from around the globe seek out strategic planning services from the OnStrategy team. This month we found ourselves in South Africa—of all amazing places! The country... By Todd Ballowe

Competitive Advantage: Knowing Your Strengths

Assuming you have completed your SWOT, it's now time to put it to work and develop your competitive advantages. Let's start with the strengths quadrant. This is the basis for digging... By Todd Ballowe

Will Success in 2013 Mean Getting Cozy with Competitors as a Market Strategy?

This week, Ford Motor Company announced that it will be offering its in-car app development system to any other automaker or app development firm that wants it. No cost, no restrictions.... By Todd Ballowe

Agility is a Competitive Advantage

Is agile on your list of competitive advantages? Can your business react and change its game plan based on either customer feedback or shifts in market, all while keeping that end... By Shannon Sage

Competitive Advantage: What’s your Distinct Purpose?

Your organization exists for a very specific reason, and most likely its purpose is different than any other company out there. This is your competitive advantage, or distinct purpose.
By Shannon Sage

Competitive Advantages for a Nonprofit (4 mins)

Yes, even nonprofits have competitive advantages. Identify what your organization does better than other organizations by using this matrix, so you can more effectively compete in gaining resources. By Shannon Sage

Identify Your Competitive Advantages

A competitive advantage is simply the answer to: "What is your organization best at?" Your competitive advantage is what your organization does or potentially could do better than similar organizations. One... By Shannon Sage

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