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Get an expert strategy consultant to help build an actionable organization strategy, identify strategic moves, and achieve your goals every quarter, every year.

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We’re strategy consulting experts with deep expertise in building and implementing strategic plans.

Our strategy experts help executives build plans to set their bold visions into motion.

We’re not a management consulting firm of suits and ivy-league MBAs. We’re strategy experts with deep expertise in building and implementing strategic plans. How we approach our work:

  • We believe in simplicity. We’re not going to wow you with business-speak or terminology.

  • Action first. We build plans quickly and want to get you into implementation fast.

  • Consensus driven. We’ll create alignment with your board, staff, and functional areas.

  • Always implementation-ready. We build strategy that can be implemented with a consistent process.

  • Industry agnostic, leader specific. We work with private and public sector organizations with leaders who want to make a difference.

Strategy Consulting Approach.

Strategy Consulting
Capabilities & Services

Strategy consulting boardroom presentation.
Strategic Planning

Our strategy consultants can lead your entire strategic planning process. We’ll facilitate your planning sessions to build your entire global business strategy.

Action Planning, OKRs, & Analytics

Our strategy consulting approach will help your team build an annual plan with specific goals/OKRs, KPIs, and actions to support your long-term corporate strategy.

Strategy Implementation

Our implementation advisory services are designed to give you an expert in your corner to lead your implementation process and provide strategic advice at every step of your journey.

Change Management

Our expert consultants work with your leadership team to create the culture and change management process required for successful strategy adoption and execution.

Team Development

We’ll work with your team to develop their strategic thinking, critical thinking, analytical skills, and interpersonal people skills to uplevel your capabilities as a strategic organization.

AI Strategy & Digital Transformation

Our business strategy consultants and AI digital strategists will help your team identify strategic opportunities for AI, building business cases for AI, and integrate AI into your digital operations.

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We are a strategic consultancy firm focused on helping organizations create growth and impact sustainably. Here is how our management consulting services help you build and implement a great plan:

Strategy Consulting Timeline

Create your vision and strategy.

Your strategy consultant will run sessions to help you define your bold vision of the future.

Day 1-30

Build a plan, growth strategy, and action plan.

We’ll take the work from your sessions to confirm your plan, annual goals, and action plans.

Day 30-60

Set and adopt an agile execution cycle.

Your strategic consultant helps your team adopt a field-tested and proven execution cycle.

Day 60-90

Recalibrate quarterly, refresh annually.

We’ll lead your quarterly review cycle with analytics to refresh your plan consistently.


Why CEOs, CSOs, & Strategy Leaders ❤️ OnStrategy

“I have been telling my peers about our off site and how impressed I was with our facilitator and OnStrategy. Bringing OnStrategy in was probably the best thing I have done.”

Applied Network Solutions
Chris Dunn


Applied Network Solutions

“The level of individual engagement is great all around! And your leadership through this strategic planning process has been excellent.”

Dallas Smith
Dallas Smith

Executive VP, Co-Founder

Healing HealthCare Systems

“Thank you so much for all your help with the process this year! Having your guidance and suggestions made it so much smoother, and now we are ready to kick off the execution stage!”

Chi Nguyen
Chi Nguyen

VP of Marketing


“I’m very pleased with how the team was able to knock out so much last year despite the unrest and uncertainty. We stuck to the intent of the plan and made use of its agile nature. All of the preparation and discussions to build the plan really paid off as we shifted on what felt like a weekly basis.”

DT Minich
DT Minich


Experience Kissimmee

“The software made it easier for the team build out their respective department goals, targets, and supporting initiatives. We've been doing planning for 20 years and we're finally driving a level of coordination, communication, and collaboration across all nine of our divisions”

Mark Binsfelt
Mark Binsfelt

VP of Marketing and Business Development

J.F. Brennan

Strategy consulting to help you build an actionable plan.

Book your free roadmap call today.

For the courageous leader who envisions a future different from today, cutting chaos and achieving goals consistently is one roadmap call away. Let’s forage a path to your success.

We are your consulting partners if you lead strategic planning in a mid-sized organization.

Listen, we know there are lots of choices when it comes to selecting a strategy consulting firm. But, we promise you won’t find a team in the consulting industry with the real-world, in-the-trenches, down-to-business experience that can actually help you build and implement a great plan. Learn more about our team.

3000+ Strategic Plans and Counting

We’ve built thousands of plans, and we have the industry knowledge to prove it.

300+ Execution Cycles Right Now

We stand up implementation processes that are sticky, consistent, and lightweight.

Consultants with Street Cred’

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill 1980s consulting firm. We build plans that create results.

Frequently asked questions

We help CEOs, Chief Strategy Officers, Executive Directors, and Superintendents create sustainable growth and impact through strategic planning and agile implementation. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.
What is the role of a strategy consultant?

Strategy consultants make strategic recommendations, guide planning, and lead strategy implementation to help organizations create strategic plans to achieve their desired vision of success. Strategy consultants help leaders forage a path to achieve their desired future state.

What are key services offered by strategy consulting firms?

Strategy consulting firms offer various services to help businesses improve performance and achieve strategic goals. Key services offered by our consultants include:

  1. Strategic planning: Developing long-term strategies and plans to help businesses achieve their objectives and stay competitive in the market.
  2. Market research and analysis: Conduct research to understand market trends, conduct data analysis on current performance, and analyze competitive landscapes to inform the strategic planning and decision-making
  3. Performance improvement: Identifying areas for operational efficiency and effectiveness improvements to optimize business processes, create a clear course of action, create resilience, and drive growth.
  4. Organizational design and restructuring: Helping businesses create agile organizational structures that align with their strategic objectives and facilitate growth.
  5. Change management: Assisting businesses in managing transitions, implementing new strategies, and driving organizational change effectively.
What are the essential skills for Strategy Consultants?

A great strategy consultant must be a great communicator, understand how to analyze a market, facilitate planning sessions, possess an understanding of organizational strategy, and know how AI will impact the future.

Here’s a deep dive into the essential skills for strategy consultants:

  • Effective communication: Every business strategy consultant must be an excellent communicator and facilitator to lead any planning process. Prioritizing inclusive client communication is an essential part of any strategy practice.
  • Analytical capabilities and market analysis: Creating a great strategy requires analyzing market data and stakeholder input to create a holistic plan. This includes how external forces (like economic policy/forces, government fiscal policy, interest rates and central banking actions, other government action, and the global economy) and internal forces (human capital/engagement, current performance of business functions, and internal strengths/weaknesses) impact an organization .
  • Corporate finance and organization structures: Your expert should also have a foundational understanding of corporate finance, cost structures, and supply chain.
  • Strategic thinking and strategy: Any strategy consultant must be a strategic thinker and understand the strategic planning process, how to build a plan, and how to implement plans with fidelity.
  • Strategic implementation: A strategy consultancy must drive strategy adoption and agile implementation. The agile implementation and review process, strategic decision-making, and keeping teams engaged are at the forefront of strategic work in implementation.
  • Proficiency in AI: AI has the potential to fundamentally change how organizations operate in the coming years, so your consultant must understand AI’s strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and creative thinking to apply AI’s use cases. AI has the opportunity for complete business model transformation, so your consulting expert must understand AI’s impact.
What is outside of your strategy expertise?

We are strategic planning experts with a well-rounded consulting industry expertise. We help build functional strategies for organizations with different business models, growth rates, and local or global reach.

But, if you’re looking for an industry-specific consultant OR a consultant with deep expertise in these areas, we might not be the right fit for you:

  • HR strategy: HR consulting and human capital strategy development.
  • Marketing strategy: Build an end-to-end marketing or acquisition strategy
  • Mergers or acquisitions: Running commercial due diligence processes, economic studies, or financial valuation analysis for M&A.
  • IT strategy: IT architecture, design of a corporate IT structure, running cloud transitions.
  • Supply chain strategy: Designing a supply chain strategy for global reach.
  • Start-up strategy: Designing a strategic or launch plan for high growth startups.
What is different about your strategy consulting?

We’re a team of strategy consultants focused on achieving results fast. We’re strategic planning experts, and we’ll help you build and implement a plan fast. Whether you need AI-driven business transformation, an AI governance plan, help creating business strategies, or guidance in strategy implementation, we’re ready to help! We’ve built over 3,000 strategic plans in the recent years, and have the work experience to help achieve your vision of the future. Contact us or email us to get started!

Why choose OnStrategy over other professional services firms?

We are a consulting firm focused on strategic planning, execution, and AI strategy. We partner with leadership teams who want to achieve their vision of future growth and sustainability. Our approach goes beyond just boardroom consulting – we are your partners to unite your executives, teams, board, and stakeholders under a common goal to achieve your vision of success.

We’re not like the big, prestigious consulting groups or other firms in the professional services industry (like McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, Bain, Deloitte, BCG, Boston Consulting Group, PwC, or Accenture). Our strategy consultants work to achieve results fast, keep our process lightweight and agile, and work with your teams to achieve your vision of success.

What industries do you work in?

We are a strategic consultancy that works in most sectors and organization types. We are industry agnostic, but we love working with leaders who want to unite their teams against a common goal to make an impact.

We are not industry experts but strategic planning experts focused on developing strategic plans. We work with organizations in for-profit businesses, non-profit/NGOs, health care organizations, regional governments, and municipalities.

We help leaders achieve their visions of success.

We dig in deep and help clients solve their biggest challenges.
Listen in to see how our clients work everyday to achieve their visions of success:

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