Measures, Targets, OKRs and KPIs

My Focus – Quickly Update Your KPIs and Goals

With the My Focus card in the OnStrategy application, you can see all of your goals and quickly update them within a single view. Instead of updating the on the goal... By Heyden Enochson

Who’s responsible for what? Structuring your strategic plan.

Creating a structured strategic plan is essential to the success of a planning process. But, creating responsibility at each level of the plan is absolutely pivotal to the success of a... By Lorna Shepard

How to Develop and Use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (4-mins)

What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Erica Olsen, COO and Co-Founder of OnStrategy, explains what metrics to watch within your company and how to use them in your reporting to ensure... By Erica Olsen

10 Ways to Tame An Overambitious Strategy

For some, the bane of strategy is that it can feel so aspirational and "out there" that even those who have a great deal of insight into an organization are skeptical... By Todd Ballowe

Learn 5 Criteria for Ensuring Successful Strategy Execution

The execution of your 2014 organizational strategies is right around the corner. During the New Year, some organizations will succeed and other will fail. What separates them? In helping thousands... By Todd Ballowe

What’s in your Dashboard? Using KPIs to Easily Track Progress

We all use dashboards to help us steer. In that same fashion, it’s a great idea to select the most important metrics in your strategic plan to direct decision-making and track... By Shannon Sage

Key Performance Indicators: Wayfinding for Strategic Planners

If you were in the middle of the ocean, stuck in the doldrums of the equator zone with no wind, no power, no visible landforms you might feel at the mercy... By Todd Ballowe

What to Consider When Determining Key Performance Indicators (3 mins)

If there is a metric you are trying to influence, then track it. However, this doesn’t mean that you should have 20 key performance indicators. By Todd Ballowe

How to Create Innovative Strategies for the Time-Strapped Manager

The M3 Team had the privilege of hearing Terry Jones, the founder of Travelocity and, speak last week in Reno.  With such great insight and knowledge to share, we will... By Shannon Sage

A Lesson in Strategy from American Idol

Strategy, measurement and the premature fall of Chris Daughtry. By Todd Ballowe

Creating Measures for Execution (10 mins)

Measures, targets, goals, KPIs…whatever you call it you’ll know how to measure it with the tips in this month’s Strategy Huddle. In this presentation we answer your real world questions about... By Shannon Sage

Measuring Performance That Counts

By Shannon Sage

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