Real-Time Visual Performance Dashboards.

Not your everyday performance dashboard. A dynamic view of key performance indicators and progress against effort.

Visual Performance Dashboards Build a Culture of Transparency

Real-Time Performance Dashboards Bring Results to Life

Interactive displays of your data provide insight into the key performance indicators driving your success.

Manage Data with Agility

When you adapt your plan, the dynamic dashboard reflects changes in real-time.

Share & Embed Your Dashboards

Embed your dashboard, or share a link for transparency around strategic performance.

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Performance Dashboards Bring Your Plan to Life
For Executive Teams

Run weekly business health reviews with a dashboard to easily understand what’s working and what isn’t.

For Departments & Managers

Run team meetings with data visualization to highlight how your team is performing against their commitments.

For Individual Contributors

Present your weekly OKR or health metric results and be recognized for your contributions.

For Boards & Stakeholders

Easily and quickly understand how the organization is performing.

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