Goal Setting

StrategySprintsTM: Shift to a 90-Day Cycle of Goal Setting

Shift annual planning to quarterly refreshes. Because our business and economic climate is shifting quickly, annual planning is a thing of the past. Refreshing quarterly with up-to-date metrics will keep your... By Shannon Sage

No Goals? No Wins

Soccer, Baseball, Football, and Basketball; what do all professional athletes have in common? They want to win.   Your organization is comprised of players, each bringing their unique talents and skillset... By Heyden Enochson

Chasing Goals that Matter

Are you chasing after the right goals and does the target encapsulate the reward? In a parable for today's work weary world... By Shannon Sage

Does Goal Setting Stifle Innovation?

Goal setting with cascaded goals and associated metrics make up the holy grail of strategy execution. You can’t execute unless you cascade a set of actions that are connected with performance... By Shannon Sage

Create Strategic Alignment in a Loosely Organized Company (15 mins)

Learn how to align strategic goals in your loosely organized company with these tips. In this presentation we answer your real world questions about high-level strategy issues, and share best practices.... By Shannon Sage

Strategy Buzz: The Personal Strategic Plan

The new year brings a fresh start, new beginnings, and of course new resolutions.  Lately on Twitter people have been buzzing about what their personal strategic plan means to them.  We... By Shannon Sage

Nine Tips to Creating Momentum in Your Life

By Todd Ballowe

Goal Setting as an Art Form

A very high percentage (possibly as high as 80%) of your success depends on your ability to accomplish clear, measurable goals. Realistic goals are not wishful thinking. Setting goals acknowledges... By Erica Olsen

There’s Still Time Left to Plan and Set Goals

In these last weeks of the Holiday season, it's easy to get behind at work. You've got family in from out of town, you've been buying presents, cooking huge meals, going... By Erica Olsen

Define Your Goals, Accomplish More

People with clear, written goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine - Brian Tracy, Motivational Coach and Author
By Erica Olsen

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