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Uncovering A Horrible Strategic Plan

Clichés often have an original meaning that is powerful because the saying has been found to be deeply true. Yet, many times these sayings get diluted and misused so much that... By Todd Ballowe

Sleek, Flashy & Worthless: Demand More from Dashboards

While most dashboards have a "wow factor" when compared to the drudgery of pouring over MS Excel spreadsheets, great dashboards must deliver more than a flashy appearance and some vanity metrics.... By Todd Ballowe

Strategic Management Process: Seven Deadly Sins of Strategy Sabotage

A good strategic plan isn't a golden ticket. We've seen organizations construct thorough, inspired plans that flop during execution. Big belly flops that make everyone sitting around the pool curse at... By Todd Ballowe

Dialing-In on Performance Measurement Systems

In the July issue of Wired, the magazine offers views from the cockpits of the world’s most impressive machines. It’s a great photo gallery, putting you in what would be the... By Shannon Sage

Performance Measurement and Employee Engagement Stats from Harvard

Harvard Business Publishing recently posted the results of an employee survey to their Daily Stat blog, claiming that employees are more appreciative and enthusiastic about their jobs than a year ago.... By Todd Ballowe

Performance Management and the Balanced Scorecard

Your company’s performance management system is essential to implementing your corporate strategy. If you are like many organizations that must regularly tighten their belts while demanding high performance, how can you... By Dr. Howard Olsen

Do Your Employees Trust Your Performance Management System?

Managers face this problem far too often: you want to mange your team to success, but when searching for a software solution to help you there's usually a whole line of... By Todd Ballowe

Scoring Your Progress with a Scorecard

When the respondents to the 2007 Strategy Execution Benchmark survey were asked to select the most important business issue currently facing their organizations, an outstanding sixty-one (61) percent of respondents felt... By Erica Olsen

Execution & Implementation – Six Sigma Style

A Google™ search for "Six Sigma" (in quotation marks) yields 73 pages of results showing the popularity of this methodology. In evaluating tools for strategy formulation, one must consider what has... By Erica Olsen

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