The OnStrategy Manifesto

Successful strategy is more than simply achieving business goals. It’s an expression of values shared across every individual and every team throughout an organization. And it separates those who achieve it and those that don’t.


Simple is harder to achieve than complex.


If it doesn’t advance the strategy, it isn’t pursued.


It doesn’t stifle creativity, it allows it to thrive.


Your employees’ perspective of success is only half the picture. The perspective of customers completes it.


Be on the same page. Speak the same language. Move in the same direction.

Ownership & Accountability

Accept responsibility and be accountable for your actions.


Think. Respond. Adjust.

Every day we integrate these disciplines into how we think and interact. They are guiding principles influencing the tools we build and the services we deliver. It’s a continuous process of excellence. We learn and we improve, both for ourselves and the organizations we help.

Success isn’t a list of flashy logos. It’s about helping anyone who wants to lead a great organization. If that’s you, join our list of clients – you’re in good company:

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