Strategic planning software to build, manage, and communicate your organizational plan.

Our strategic planning software combines everything you need to build an actionable organizational strategy, align your leadership team, and create a rhythm of execution and learning.

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Strategic planning software for leaders to create a central place for organizational strategy.


Align your team with the only strategic planning software designed for collaboration.

Use virtual whiteboards, insights from your planning team, and thoughtful facilitation modules to co-create and collaborate on your organization’s bold vision of the future.

Learn how to align your team.
Strategic planning software that uses integrated whiteboards for collaboration.
Strategic planning software with integrated strategic planning courses.


Build an actionable strategic plan with on-demand courses, guided workflows, and AI.

Whether you need to build a plan or refresh your current one, the StrategyHub provides your team the on-demand courses and exercises to build a great winning strategy. No other strategic planning software is backed by a planning suite this comprehensive.

Learn how to build your organizational strategy.


The only app that shows if your strategy is delivering results.

Use OKRs or goals to create shared visibility into how everyone contributes to your organization’s bold vision of the future. Connect everyone’s day-to-day activities to what is absolutely critical to your success.

Learn how to execute with OKRs.
Strategic planning software that manages and tracks OKRs.
Strategic planning software with reports.


Bring your stakeholders along for the journey. They’ll love you for it.

Inform and engage your board of directors or community stakeholders with the only strategic planning software that pushes on-demand, customizable, dynamic dashboards and beautiful reports.

Learn how to report to your stakeholders.


Run a data-driven strategy review with zero prep.

Easily manage business health check-ins with real-time dashboards that provide dynamic insight into the performance driving your success.

See the dashboard in action.
Easily and quickly run your data and analytics and keep track of your progress without stress.
Strategic planning software with a community of practice


Weekly calls with a community of peers and experts.

Every StrategyHub subscription includes access to weekly calls in the Strategy Collaborative to cover strategic topics, questions, and feedback from a community of peers and OnStrategy Senior Experts.

Learn more about the Strategy Collaborative.


Integrate strategy into your Teams or Slack workflows.

Use OnStrategy’s pre-built integrations with Microsoft Teams or Slack to stay connected to your team’s priorities, get notified when items are due for a check-in, and update results inside Teams or Slack.

Learn about OnStrategy for Teams and Slack.
The strategy builder also integrates with apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.
Strategic planning software with reports.

Meet the Virtual Strategist AI – your strategic planning copilot.

Tap into the Virtual Strategist AI to collaborate on building a great plan. This AI expert is your always-on expert trained in the best practices for strategic planning, OKRs, and implementation.

The Virtual Strategist AI (Beta) is available now!

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Frequently asked questions

We help CEOs, Chief Strategy Officers, Executive Directors, and Superintendents create sustainable growth and impact through strategic planning and agile implementation. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.
What does strategic planning software do?

Our strategic planning software guides your team to build your great strategic plan using our strategic, pre-built exercises and self-guided, on-demand courses that follow a proven planning model used to build 1000s of strategic plans. After your plan is built, use our strategic planning software to manage and collect your team’s performance data, aggregate reports, data outputs, and keeps your team focused and accountable for achieving their results.

What is the Strategy Collaborative?

Every StrategyHub subscription includes access to weekly calls with a community of peers who are focused on strategy, OKRs, and organizational performance. These weekly calls cover monthly strategic topics, workshops, and Q&A sessions with experts to answer your most pressing issues related to planning and performance. OnStrategy is way more than just a strategic planning tool – we’re your partners in helping you see success in strategy.

What sets your strategy planning software apart from the competition?

We’re not just an app company and software solution. We’re the only planning software that includes guided courses and pre-built exercises to build strategic plans. Plus, every StrategyHub subscription includes access to our Strategy Collaborative community with 1,200 members with weekly calls to help you with planning, performance, and creating a winning culture. And if you need experts to help with your strategic planning, our team can jump in to finish your organizational strategy, build annual action plans with OKRs, and help set a consistent rhythm of execution.

What type of support options do you offer with the software?

All planning software comes with dedicated tech support as you build and implement your plan. But, if you need experts to jump in and help lead your strategic planning process, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts can help you build an actionable organizational strategy, create annual plans with OKRs, and set up your rhythm of execution and learning. Need something else? You can also purchase hourly blocks of consulting to tackle whatever challenge you may face.

What other tech solutions and APIs does OnStrategy’s strategic planning software integrate with?

We have 1000s of available integration available through Zapier. OnStrategy also has pre-built integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack to help your team stay connected and aligned to meeting your goals, making us one of the best strategic planning solutions in the marketplace.

What strategic planning features are included in your software?

Every strategic planning software subscription includes our entire suite of features to build and implement your plan, including Miro whiteboard collaboration tools, self-guided strategic planning courses, tools to create your team’s goals and OKRs, customized performance reports, and everything you need to manage the quarterly implementation and review cycle for your organization.

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