Strategic Objectives

Examples of Strategic Objectives

Tammy Tantalizing Tacos’ top line financial goal is to increase her annual revenue by 10%. How will she achieve her financial goal? To sell more tacos. In order to sell more... By Erica Olsen

Goal Cascading 101: Create Strategic Objectives and Aligned Annual Goals

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is how to create strategic objectives and the aligned annual goals that serve as the backbone to an organization’s strategic plan. Not to... By Heyden Enochson

Is Your Strategy Strategic?

Many people get confused by the terms Strategy, Strategic Plan and Strategic Planning.  We’ll set the record straight today, taking a page out of our own book. Let’s start off by... By Todd Ballowe

Tackling the Big Issues with Clear Strategic Objectives

There is light at the end of the tunnel! In a recent article in the HBR, If You Want to Do Something Really Big, the eradication of polio has become an... By Todd Ballowe

Establishing Strategic Objectives and Goals

Establishing long-term strategic objectives and organization-wide goals can be a daunting task. We at OnStrategy know and understand this so we have provided you with a quick and easy overview of... By Todd Ballowe

Build a Bridge to Your Vision with Strategic Objectives

This guide on developing strategic objectives is the phase in the strategic planning process where you build off of your SWOT analysis to develop your plan.
By Todd Ballowe

Setting Strategic Objectives and Cascading Goals Training (38 mins)

Developing a strategy that can actually be implemented rises and falls on how you set up the structure of your plan from the beginning. By Todd Ballowe

Turning Strategic Priorities into a Road Map for Your Vision

Having goals, objectives, and strategies are great, but knowing how they all work together (if in fact they do) and if you need them all is another story.  We suggest ignoring... By Shannon Sage

What is the Appropriate Number of Strategic Objectives? (5 mins)

Strategic objectives are the long-term, broad statements that create the framework for cascading short-term goals. With too many strategic objectives a strategic plan gets unruly. By Todd Ballowe

When Writing a Set of Strategic Objectives, Fewer is Better (3-mins)

When there’s so much to do, honing in on those key activities that create value can be a challenge. However, those organizations that have a few succinct, focused strategic objectives perform... By Todd Ballowe

Fewer Strategic Priorities is Better

Executives with companies that have very few (1 to 3) firm-wide strategic objectives are more likely to say their companies have above-average profitability and revenue growth.  “Companies succeed when they have... By Connie Armstrong

Create Fewer Priorities in Your Strategic Plan

Semantics aside, we can all agree that priorities are, well, to be prioritized right? Whatever you call your organization's most important objectives or tasks or whosawhatsits, everyone needs to know what... By Todd Ballowe

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