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Is Your Strategic Plan Fit?

By Shannon Sage

Is Your Strategic Plan Fit?

Keeping your company’s strategy fit and thin is essential in strategic business planning.  If your company could put on some track clothes and step on a scale, would it look fit and healthy, or frail and flabby? If a company has been taking care of itself it shows with healthy bones and muscles. If not- well, it’s always a great time to hit the GYM.

Healthy Bones Your company’s strategic plan is more than just some business tool- it’s the skeleton of your organization. Just like your bones give you structure, you plan keeps everything attached at the right places and moving in unison. Imagine if you were missing any one of your bones (or all of them) – you’d be a mess!

If the members of your organization don’t have a great plan structuring their activities, then you may have mis-alignment of priorities. A foot attached to a chin here, an arm sticking out of your forehead- you get the picture. Anyone who wants to be able to get their organization moving in unison with strong supports needs to spend time planning.

Strong Muscles Sure, you need your structure, but your muscles actually get you places. Think of the muscles of your organization as your action plan- execution of your strategic plan actually moves your company forward towards your goals.

So how can you give your company a work out? If you have a great strategy giving your processes and priorities structure, then the simple answer is do what the plan says. A large percentage of companies who take the time to make sure they have a plan in place never actually use it- that’s like taking a bunch of calcium to strengthen your bones and then sitting on the couch with a bag of chips instead of hitting the weights.

If you want to work out, you need to manage performance. Don’t just set goals, make sure that you follow up regularly with status meetings and performance reviews. A good rule of thumb would be look at your status (your company’s scorecard) at least monthly- otherwise you may start building a gut! At least quarterly, management should also review your plan and objectives. Think of your managers as personal trainers for your company.

It may feel awkward getting back in the gym, but give it time. Fitness is as important to your company as it is for your own body.




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