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At the Next Strategy Review, Ask “Is This the Best we can Do?”

By Erica Olsen

At the Next Strategy Review, Ask “Is This the Best we can Do?”

Shouldn’t we all be asking – Is This the Best we can Do? “The best performances come when we take the time to ask questions, to learn from customers and from the past. My job as a leader is to encourage innovation and unleash the natural creativity in myself and those around me as we drive toward solutions we never thought were possible…Great performances come from asking ourselves some basic questions. Why are we doing it this way? How can we do it better? Or faster? Or more reliably? What haven’t we thought of yet? What’s best for our customers? Ultimately, the final judgment on performance comes down to one simple question: Is this the best we can do?”

From: Would You Hire This CEO? By Glen A. Barton with Ryan Underwood, Fast Company




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