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Envisioning Your Future – Leadership & Strategy

By Erica Olsen

Envisioning Your Future – Leadership & Strategy

Talk of being a visionary goes hand-in-hand with talk of leadership and strategy. An intriguing article from the Futurist, entitled “Envisioning your Future: Imagining Ideal Scenarios,” discusses basically, “a leader’s step-by-step guide to envisioning the future – and communicating it to others”. This 8 step program has a very simple, yet very useful, fundamental idea.The idea is that by having a vision is to be an idealist. This idealism should not be confused with unrealistic ideas; it should be used synonymously with having “a standard of excellence”. A person that is by nature a visionary looks into the future as though it is filled with possibilities, not probabilities.

Source: Kouzes, J. and Posner, B. “Envisioning your Future: Imagining Ideal Scenarios”




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