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Unwrapping Strategy

By Shannon Sage

Unwrapping Strategy

Defining strategy can be a scary place to step into because there’s as many thoughts, definitions and ideas around what it is as there are business books on the subject, and then some.  Our thought is not to go through all of that and certainly not provide a textbook answer to the subject.  We would rather provide a framework to consider when answering the question of “What is Strategy?” Apply it to your own work and be able to carry that dialogue into conversations at retreats and discussions that establish a strategic direction in your organization. To make it easier to digest, we are putting this into a 5-post blog series where we will first dive into the leader’s role in driving strategy.  Later, we will explore the three levels of strategy at a high level, deep dive into each unit level strategy, separating your mission statement from your strategy, speaking the right language, and managing employee engagement in your strategy.  Keep your eyes open for this blog series and hopefully it will help you unwrap the confusing world of strategy.




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