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Tips on How to Create a Successful Strategic Plan

By Shannon Sage

Tips on How to Create a Successful Strategic Plan

In order to really understand how to create a strategy that is successful, we need to understand the reasons why some strategic plans fail.  We can also use these reasons below as a learning and make sure that we don’t make these mistakes in our next planning process.

Reasons why strategic plans fail:

  • The process is not clearly understood
  • It is not sold very well
  • Lack of support from the top
  • The organization is not ready for it
  • Everyone is not involved in the process
  • The necessary time is not taken to make it work
  • It is not integrated into daily operations
  • There is no accountability
  • No way to measure success
  • Inadequate follow-up
  • The process is really not strategic management planning

Once we understand what not to do, we need to understand the key items that can help us create a strategy that is successful going forward.

Below are 15 keys to help create a successful strategy:

  1. Good pre-planning and honesty
  2. Support, commitment and acceptance
  3. A committed coordinator
  4. Involvement by everyone
  5. Sound education and training
  6. Patience, persistence and flexibility
  7. Willingness to accept mistakes and learn from them
  8. Link from planning to doing
  9. Demonstrated value added
  10. Adequate time devoted to the process
  11. Early successes
  12. Documentation and follow through
  13. A skilled facilitator
  14. Re-tooling and modification
  15. Willingness to change

We hope that with these tools, your next planning cycle to be more successful then ever.


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  1. The Bug Man
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 14:05:52

    of all the posts I have seen on this subject, you covered it the best. Keep up the excellent work.




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