Roll Out Your 2024 Strategic Plan with These 3 Stealable Tips

Jan 12, 2024

The new year has just begun and you’re ready to start your next planning cycle for your business goals and future growth. Now is a good time to roll out your 2024 strategic plan. But where do you even start with your strategic planning process? Do you need to set your objectives and key results first, or set your vision statement?

Not quite yet. At OnStrategy, we believe that your newest strategic plan and SMART goals can’t be set without first starting at the foundation of your plan–our ‘why’! Read on as we share three stealable ideas and best practice approaches to help you roll out your 2024 strategic plan!

Stealable Idea #1: Storyboard Your Strategy, and Film a Video to Roll it Out

All the most successful planning in the world falls apart when there’s no one to get on board with it. This is why communication is so important! We have a fantastic exercise on storyboarding your strategy so that you (and your team) can confidently say what your strategy is.

Essentially, our strategy storyboard helps articulate your clear vision, your scope and focus, and the advantage you have over your competition. Purposeful communication is the best way to get your team and stakeholders on board with your strategy execution, so find a way to purposefully communicate where you’re going and why!

Brush up on your TikTok skills! Follow these steps to create a script:

  1. Articulate your vision. Where are you going?
  2. Define your scope. Where do you play?
  3. Clarify your competitive advantage. What are you best at?
  4. Outline your strategy. Stitch it all together.

After you write your script, shoot it! It doesn’t need to be cinema quality – use Zoom, Loom, or your preferred recording program. Then, publish it to your TikTok or other social media account for a wider audience! Check out our Strategy Story video, “Using a Bold Vision to Solve Homelessness” where we hear from Dana Searcy of Washoe County!

Stealable Idea #2: One-Page Plans are Magic. Build Yours with this Structure!

Similar to the strategy storyboard that provides everything you need to communicate your strategy in one clear and accessible place, a one-page plan does the same! One-page plans are magic because they deliver everything you need to communicate your strategic initiatives in a single view! We always recommend creating one as you build and implement your plan. Create your powerful one- to two-page plan to make your plan clear, concise, and attainable for everyone on your team!

Make sure your one-page plan’s design is dynamic, unique, and easy to read. Ensure your one-page plan includes your mission, vision, values, guiding principles, objective overview, annual goals, high-priority initiatives, and KPIs (key performance indicators).

Stealable Idea #3: Build a Deck to Tell a Story and Connect to the Heart of Your “Why.”

Are you sensing a pattern here yet? Our third stealable tip is about creating a slide deck to dive deeper into your story and mission. While a ‘one-page plan’ serves as your elevator pitch, of sorts, A storyboarded deck is a great way to tell your strategy story. Make sure you include your core purpose, what strategic issues or challenges you are addressing, and break down your plan from strategic objectives to action.


We hope that this short, but very impactful bonus post helps you get your 2024 plan rolling! For more actionable tips, be sure to attend our bi-weekly Strategy Collaborative sessions!



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