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What’s in your Dashboard? Using KPIs to Easily Track Progress

By Shannon Sage


We all use dashboards to help us steer. In that same fashion, it’s a great idea to select the most important metrics in your strategic plan to direct decision-making and track progress.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) offer a way to assess the direction and progress of your plan without having to review every single goal and task associated with your larger objectives. It acts as a dead reckoning navigational system. In setting your KPIs, identify the top seven to ten goals and associated measures that are most important to your company and stay oriented to the larger intent of your strategic plan. To give you and idea of how others steer, here are pictures of some remarkable crafts. (Pictures courtesy of Wired 2010)

Dashboard of the World's fastest manned jet

Personal Submarine

Dashboard of the world's longest cruise ship




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