Holding a Monthly Strategy Review Meeting

Groan… another meeting? Well, yes and no. Replace one of your regularly scheduled staff meetings with a strategy meeting. Meetings about strategy can be exciting and people want to be involved. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the status of your plan. Cross off what’s been completed. Troubleshoot if something isn’t happening. Make changes where needed.

If your meetings are boring, spice them up a bit. Ask each employee to report on one or two accomplishments. Limit everyone’s report to one minute (have someone keep time). For people who are having an issue or problem where they need help, ask them to list it on the board. Spend 10 to 15 minutes as a group working to solve the issue. Remember, the issues need to be related to the strategic plan; otherwise, they should be discussed at another time. Don’t let the meetings run over; keep them to a set time.

You may be surprised at the enthusiasm and effectiveness of this type of meeting. People like to talk about strategy. It’s exciting! It’s also exciting to accomplish important initiatives.



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