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Strategy Topic: Execution, Execution, and Execution (59 mins)video

So you have a plan. Now what? Effective execution is the name of the game. With most organization needing to drive results with less resources, successfully executing your strategy becomes critical to any organization’s growth and sustainability. In this recorded webinar, you will learn how to move from having a “life-less” strategic plan to one that is truly living and breathing.
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  1. Tommycymy
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 01:45:57

    The key factor is price. Buying the bueissns at the right price can save money in the long run by giving you immediate clients, knowledgeable employees, product, inventory, vendors, and reputation. Don’t under estimate the value of reputation and clients in establishing a new bueissns. You can have the best product, but as an unknown, many clients may not be willing to switch until they see you’re going to be in the market for while and until they can obtain references. So the decision comes back to price. Set up a best case and worst case bueissns plan for starting your own venture. Understand what it will cost. Then start negotiating to buy the bueissns. You will likely be able to get financing for the purchase which conversely could be difficult for a start-up. By having done the plan and negotiating you’ll have a comparison. After all a comparison of one is no comparison. +2Was this answer helpful?




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