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Strategy Buzz: Some Great Thoughts From Strategic Planning Experts

By Shannon Sage

Strategy Buzz: Some Great Thoughts From Strategic Planning Experts

Here are some great thoughts strategic planning experts shared on Twitter this last week.  Look at them next time you’re stuck in a hard place in your strategic business plan.  They can shed a new light on a tough subject.  If you have any other inspiring quotes, we would love to hear them.

  • Strategic planning & mindset revitalization is chicken soup for the entrepreneurial soul.  It fills you up when you’re feeling empty.
  • Strategic planning doesn’t deal with future decisions.  It deals with the futurity of present decisions.
  • Your clients are your best teachers.  Their input must be an integral part of you strategic planning.
  • Strategic planning is often approached like an egg & spoon race.  Competitors line up, race from part A to B, drop the egg (ball), and pandemonium ensues.
  • Strategic planning is worthless, unless you have a strategic vision.




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