Growth Driven by Leadership & Accountability

How Authority Partners used strategic planning to drive ownership and accountability within the leadership team in pursuit of their strategic growth objectives.


“Drives customer experience with the capacity to assess, analyze and advance the goals of clients through the development and implementation of solid strategic direction.”

– Authority Partners founder

The Challenge:

A global IT services company, Authority Partners was experiencing unprecedented growth and success, but didn’t have a system in place for the leadership team to take ownership of sustainable growth initiatives. They needed to connect the team to the company’s “big picture” vision and empower team members to move initiatives forward.

The Outcome:

A collaborative leadership team with defined initiatives and a shared expectation of accountability. Having an executable strategic plan is helping the company pursue a balanced business portfolio, through strategic expansion and productive collaboration.

The Vision:

To be the authority in creating information technology excellence.

The Approach:

As an IT services firm, maintaining the high level of quality and service that Authority Partners was known for would be key to the company’s ongoing success. Creating and executing a strategic plan that would balance this with the company’s growth expectations was critical for the organization.

Authority Partners engaged OnStrategy to help them create a plan for sustainable, ongoing growth that would align members of the leadership team through owning and driving strategic initiatives. A successful plan for Authority Partners would need to engage their growing team in accountable, collaborative work, regardless of their primary role within the team or their tenure with the company.

To help Authority Partners accomplish this, OnStrategy’s approach included:

  • Visioning & Future State Workshop: OnStrategy’s outsourced Chief Strategy Officer worked with Authority Partner’s leadership to define their ideal future state and create specific initiatives to move the team into that future state.
  • Executive Input: Through a facilitated discussion with the Authority Partners leadership team, OnStrategy unpacked the company’s current state to identify the gaps between where the company is and where they want to go.
  • Actionable Plan Framework: Based on the company’s previous planning work and corporate structure, OnStrategy worked with Authority Partners’ leadership to create an executable strategic plan with clearly defined outcomes, measures and responsibilities
  • Establish Cycle and Process to Manage Performance: An outsourced Chief Strategy Officer from OnStrategy remotely facilitated strategy review meetings where the Authority Partners team discussed performance against key initiatives, challenges, and ideas around the strategic elements each person owns

The Deliverables

Working remotely across multiple time zones, OnStrategy created a strategic plan for Authority Partners and several additional deliverables to support the successful implementation of the plan, including:

  • 3-Year Roadmap: A picture of “what success looks like” by 2021 and a clear 3-year roadmap to guide the team how they will achieve the desired growth trajectory.
  • Annual Corporate Plan with Measures & Performance Targets: An annual corporate plan with metrics, performance targets, and key performance indicators required to support the achievement of their goals.
  • Performance Management Playbook: A formal playbook detailing the system used to manage plan performance, giving the leadership team members visibility into one another’s progress and creating a regular dialogue around strategic issues facing the organization.
  • OnStrategy Application: Authority Partners uses the OnStrategy application to manage progress, data, and to report on the momentum of their strategic plan.

The Results

Working with OnStrategy, Authority Partners was able to create and execute a strategic plan to align the team around a clear vision for the future, with defined areas of responsibility. By creating a system of transparency and accountability among the leadership team, the company was able to more efficiently and effectively pursue its growth goals. Additionally, the company was able to set and pursue objectives that will lead to sustainable growth through strategic expansion, a balanced business portfolio and a more engaged workforce.

  • Growth: Consistent with its overall growth initiative, Authority Partners achieved 37% growth in staff, while implementing high standards for hiring and training.
  • Accountability: A well-structured plan and management process created visibility for ongoing strategic progress and gave a platform for sharing the challenges team members were facing and successes they achieved.
  • Organization-Wide Alignment: leadership and the entire Authority Partners team are committed to growing the organization through revenue growth, staff growth, and strategic expansion, as well as following clear and focused approaches to achieve their goals.
  • Clear Reporting: Structured, standard reporting allows everyone to know what metrics they own and what their progress is.

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