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We have worked for the last 5 years to facilitate global strategy design to help Patagonia drive their focus on environmental responsibility through company growth.

Our Methodology

Strategy Design: Identifying strategic issues and priorities from the executive team and directors to influence the design and direction of an actionable roadmap with goals, accountabilities and timelines across all divisions and regions worldwide. Global Onsite Facilitation: Multi-day facilitation for the ongoing design, implementation and performance management of the company’s strategic plan for Patagonia’s Europe, Asia, and U.S. divisions.
Employee Communication: Developed communication tools to inform the whole organization what the priorities are and why. Quarterly Performance Management: Periodic strategy review sessions keep leadership and staff focused, prioritized and aligned.

Our Results

Impact: Sustained year-over-year growth isn’t about the numbers. It’s about fueling Patagonia’s vision of greater environmental impact through their brand influence. Strategic Choice: Leveraging Patagonia’s corporate DNA to set the standard for others who want to achieve both environmental responsibility and business success.
Focus: Ground leadership and staff with a common vision, mission and a strategic plan that aligns actions. Clarity: Creating organizational alignment to provide clarity around what is important vs a distraction.

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