NPS Step 2: Know What is Driving your Net Promoter Score (3 mins)

Mar 04, 2021

Learn how to craft survey questions that identify what your customers care about and how to improve their experience. This research enables you to measure how effectively you’re delivering on your promises to your customers. When used with the Net Promoter Score, it increase your word-of-mouth advertising force, improve your customer experience, improve profitability and make needed improvements to your products or services.

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Video Transcript

“Hi. I’m Cammy Lore and we’re going to talk about business metrics. We know that business metrics tend to be complex. Perhaps one of the most important metrics that you need to be able to communicate organizationally wide is your customer-experience metric. We like to use the net promoter score because it’s simple. It’s one question based on how likely it is for someone to recommend your company to their friends and family. If they score you high on the spectrum, they’re your promoters. If they score you in the mid range, those are your passively satisfied, ambivalent people, and then if they score you low, those are you detractors.

Well, each one of these groups come with their own tactics to address. You might ask yourself why. Why are people scoring you along this certain range? That’s where we recommend enhancing this a bit and adding driver questions, maybe five or seven of them. So, the thing about the driver questions is they get to the heart of the matter; they get to the heart of the recommendation. It also digs into the promise that you are making to your customers and how well you are delivering against that promise.

So, there’s an example that we took from Edward Jones’s website. That example is they promise that their financial advisers want to meet with you, and they want to understand why you’re investing. So a sample driver question that we might develop would be, “I always feel welcome at my investor’s office to ask questions or talk about my investment strategy.” So, once you start to get a feel for this, you might start understanding why you’re rated along the scale here. So, with this, driver questions need to be positively stated. They need to read like they are best fulfilling the promise. They also can correlate to your NPS best in that way. So, if your driver questions are high, your NPS should be high.

Now, also, over time, you might find a cause and effect relationship, and what’s great about that is that you’ll start to understand what promises that you’re making to your customers matter the most to them. So there’s extreme value there too.

So, in a nutshell, the driver questions will strengthen your understanding of NPS but they’ll also benefit you because they’ll start clarifying the promises that you are making that matter most to your customer base.

So let’s go make some promises that matter.”



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