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5 Tips for Transforming Weekly Staff Meetings

A good strategic plan provides a long-term perspective for driving results by helping leaders have sustainable focus on the things that matter most. Attaining sustainability requires daily execution of the plan across the organization. So how can processes be put in place to keep people focused on the short-term?

Start by taking a look at your weekly staff meetings. It’s time for a meeting makeover if your weekly staff meetings are characterized by any of the following:

Driving results from the bottom up requires having people take ownership and accountability. It’s time to ditch meetings without metrics and replace them with productive, insightful working sessions driven by data.

What could an ideal staff meeting look like? Imagine if actions of individuals are presented in the context of organizational priorities. What if every person focused only on the critical few priorities that mattered most in achieving organizational objectives? What if your entire staff had visibility into the actions of others and how they impact the organization?

It would be transformational.

Breaking old habits isn’t easy. How weekly staff meetings are conducted isn’t an exception. Ownership and accountability driven from the bottom up requires appropriate expectation-setting supported by goal-driven data.

Here are five tips for helping get started.

Conclude each meeting with every staff member identifying any cross-functional dependencies, or activities being pursued that are not directly tied to a strategic priority. Change does not occur overnight, so it’s going to take a few meetings before a repeatable cadence takes shape.

To learn more about the tools and processes for transforming your weekly staff meetings be sure to check out OnStrategy’s free, live webinar calendar. Each week, we’re sharing insights and best-practices for driving results from the bottom up.

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