Sample Strategic Plan Deliverables

Here are a set of example deliverables we can help produce to stand up the strategic planning and management process to create clarity, alignment, and organization-wide engagement.

Sample Strategic Plans

These are public strategic plans OnStrategy has helped facilitate and create. Each plan contains and entire strategic plan including mission, vision, long-term strategic priorities, key performance indicators, annual goals, and cascaded actions items. These plans serve as actionable road maps to success.

Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows

2017-2021 complete strategic plan.

Fairbanks North Star Borough School District

2018-2021 complete strategic plan.

Make-A-Wish San Diego

2020-2022 complete strategic plan.

2-Page Strategic Plans

A 2-Page Strategic Plan provides an at-a-glance overview of the plan and is a powerful tool in rolling-out and communicating your strategy.
It’s a great visual tool that keeps your plan front-and-center.

North Slope Borough School District

2-page, full-color overview of North Slope Borough School District’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.

Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana

2-page, full-color overview of Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.

City of Reno, Nevada

A full-page color poster overview of the City of Reno’s 2016-2018 Strategic Plan.

San Francisco Department of Technology

2-page, full-color overview of City and County of San Francisco Department of Technology’s FY18-22 Strategic Plan.

Performance Reporting

These are example performance reports used to manage and measure the progress against a strategic plan.

Washoe County, Nevada

An End-of-Year Progress Report to present the performance of Washoe County’s Strategic Plan.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

A Custom Scorecard created to present the performance of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Strategic Plan.

Fairbanks North Star Borough School District

A comprehensive plan report to report on the performance of Fairbanks North Star Borough School District’s Strategic Plan.

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