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OKRs Crossing Cultural Barriers & Industries

The month, we had the privilege of working with the Al Faisaliah group in Saudi Arabia – yes, onsite in their beautiful tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia!

Our very own Erica Olsen trekked across the big pond to spend a few thoughtful days with their leadership teams to stand up an OKR plan and cycle across three companies in Al Faisaliah’s holding. This includes the biggest restaurant holding company in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest medical distributors.

OKRs Work. Period.

We believe in OKRs and the agility they bring. But it was even more amazing to see how a few of the basic principles from our OKRs that Work guide can bridge cultural and industry barriers to create a shared understanding.

Here are a few of the fundamental principles we used in their OKR planning sessions and approach:

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An OKR Approach in 2 Days. Yes, 2 Days.

In two days of working sessions, helped Al Faisaliah stand up an OKR approach that will work for their organization. Of course, we weren’t shocked that OKRs could bridge different cultures and industry verticals. Still, we were pleased that these few foundational principles can help Al Faisaliah create a consistent approach to achieve their vision of success.

Great work, Al Faisaliah! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.

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