No Goals? No Wins

Aug 05, 2015

Soccer, Baseball, Football, and Basketball; what do all professional athletes have in common? They want to win.  

Your organization is comprised of players, each bringing their unique talents and skillset to your team. Every team member needs to know what position they play, how they play, and how they’re contributing to your overall strategic win. Individual, personalized goals help drive the day-to-day focus that is required for your strategy to reach the fourth quarter. Here are three reasons why your team needs to have individual goals:

  1. Goals provide focus. Archers can’t shoot an arrow with no target to aim at. In the whirlwind of the day-to-day, it’s easy to get side tracked. Goals help provide the structure and focus required for your team members to hit a bullseye.
  2. Goals allow you to measure your own stats. Goals quite literally provide the measurements for which you can see individual performance statistics. Seeing actual performance against your goals allows you to see what you’re doing well and what you need to work on.
  3. Goals give you an understanding of where you fit and why. In baseball, the goal for a pitcher is very different than that of an outfielder. Sure, they’re playing the same game with the same desired outcome, but how they contribute to it is monumentally different. Goals help outline where each of your team member fits, why, and how they contribute to the team’s overall win.

Successful athletes see highs, lows, and lulls in their careers, but each can attest to this: goals keep them moving forward. The most successful and strategic organizations apply the same logic to help build their teams from the ground up. The goals of the individual are just as powerful as the goals of the organization, each unable to be reached without the other. 



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