Focus Your Leadership with this Goals Grid

Apr 05, 2016

It can be tough getting your leadership and planning team focused and thinking strategically about your long-term strategic objectives.

If you’ve completed your SWOT analysis and are still struggling to get your leadership team thinking strategically about your long-term strategic objectives, you might consider using this powerful goals grid to focus your leadership team.

The Grid
Developed by Fred Nickols, the Goals Grid is a 2×2 matrix constructed by answering Yes or No to two very basic questions. They are:

  1. Do you want something?
  2. Do you have it?

 Below is how you lay this grid out.

The Categories

Your answers to these questions will allow you to categorize your goals or objectives into four distinct categories:

  • Yes/No – If you want something you don’t have, your goal is to obtain or achieve it. This category is called Achieve.
  • Yes/Yes – If you want something you already have, your goal is to maintain its possession. This category is called Preserve.
  • No/No – If there is something you don’t want and you don’t have it in your possession, your goal is to avoid it. This category is called Avoid.
  • No/Yes – If there is something that you have but you don’t want, your goal is to get rid of it. This category is called Eliminate.

Its Use:
The Goals Grid is a flexible tool you can use in a variety of circumstances. Whether you need it as an introductory conversation to jumpstart your planning process, check the reality of goals and objectives you’ve already set, or as a means to manage conflicting goals, this 15-minute exercise can get help you build a dialogue with your leadership team to get them thinking strategically.

If you’d like a deeper look into this tool and methodology, download the full article from Fred Nickols here.




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