OnStrategy and Slack Instructions.

OnStrategy helps you conquer chaos by connecting daily focus with long-term strategy. Stay current on your priorities and provide updates with Slack.

Learn how to use OnStrategy with your Slack Workspace.

Add Slack as an Individual for Pre-Approved Apps

Before continuing, please make sure you are logged out of all instances of OnStrategy.

  1. In the left navigation of Slack, scroll down to the bottom to the “Apps” section and click “+ Add Apps” (red box).
  2. In the approved app list, select “OnStrategy.”
  3. Click on “Login” (red box) to connect your OnStrategy Account to Slack.
  4. Enter your username and password into the login screen
  5. Authorize access between Slack and OnStrategy.
  6. Return to Slack after successful integration.
  7. The welcome screen includes important instructions, including the shortcuts /os-mygoals and /os-checkin.

Add Slack as an IT Administrator

  1. Navigate to this page, then click on the “Add To Slack” button (red box).
  2. This will bring up a dialogue to authorize the connection between OnStrategy and your Slack Workspace. Click on “Allow”.
  3. After successfully connecting, you will be prompted to Open Slack.

Set up Slack Notifications in OnStrategy

  1. When logged in as the Plan Administrator, select “Apps & Integrations” (red box) from the top right menu.
  2. On this page you may:
    1. Enable Check-In Notifications to go out automatically weekly or monthly at your preferred cadence.
    2. Manually send out push notifications to remind your team to update their goals on an as needed basis.
    3. Revoke permission for team members to access their plan via the Slack app.

How to Use Slack:

  1. The OnStrategy Slack App is simple to use and includes a few basic shortcuts:
    1. “/os-connect” will connect you to an OnStrategy account.
    2. “/os-mygoals” provides a list of all items you own.
    3. “/os-checkin” provides a list of all items you own that require a check-in.
  2. After running “/os-checkin,” you have the option to comment on or add periodic data to your goals that require a check-in.
  3. The check-in modal makes it easy to enter data for the time period selected. Click on “Submit” to complete the process.

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