You’re Half Way Through 2017 – How’s Your Strategy Execution?

2017 is already half way over. It also represents the half way mark on the execution for your strategic plan – so now is the time to gather your organization for a mid-year review.

Mid-year reviews offer a unique opportunity during the planning and execution process. They don’t need to be as thorough as the initial planning process, nor should they be as short as a quarterly strategy review. Instead, mid-year reviews offer a balance between examining the foundation of your plan and your organization’s effectiveness in execution.


Prepare for a mid-year review the same way you’d prepare for any other review. In the weeks prior, ask your leaders and managers to come prepared with performance updates on their goals, prepare insight on how their teams are executing against their tactical plans, and identify other issues they may be facing during execution.

This review should be a mandatory, face-to-face review (where applicable). Make sure to articulate its importance.

The Review

Here’s what you should consider covering during your mid-year review:

  1. Remind everyone of your strategic direction and foundation. Quickly review your mission, vision, values, and big strategic objectives that are guiding your organization.
  2. Celebrate big accomplishments and milestones. Remember, you are half way through the year! Your team has been hard at work, so make sure to acknowledge some of the big accomplishments or milestones you’ve achieved during the past six months.
  3. Review the data. As with any strategy review, look back at your data. Review your targets, actuals, and how you’re doing plan-to-date.
  4. Review why different teams or areas of the plan are falling short. You’re half way through the year, so it’s ok to look at why different aspects of execution may be falling short. We don’t recommend laying blame on individuals or teams, but take this time to pinpoint why you’re not seeing the results you want.
  5. Set priorities for the second half of the year. We don’t recommend shifting big areas of your plan, but mid-year adjustments are the perfect time to refocus and layout your plan to keep your organization moving toward your long-term goals.

Strategic planning can often be a moving target, so it’s critical you gather your organization to execute these types of reviews. Even the best plans need attention and agility in the face of reality – and that requires ongoing attention and lookbacks on performance, what’s working, and what isn’t.

Business agility wholly depends on your insight into the core of your organization. Reviews, both mid-year and quarterly, are how you manage the pulse of your organization. With more than half of 2017 already over, it’s important to look back on your performance so you can be fully prepared to finish the back half of the year strong.



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