Why Aren’t You Peer-Planning Your Strategy?

Sure, different industry types will have different plans to address what’s critical for the organization. But what isn’t different is the approach and framework to what makes a great strategy.

Have you ever considered what you could learn from your peers? Planning shouldn’t be a taboo activity that only you complete with your team behind closed doors. Strategists from around the globe often face the same dilemmas and solutions, which is why having a community with fresh eyes and perspective can make or break its success.

Here are four key reasons you should be collaborating in a community of non-competition strategists to complete your strategic planning process:

  1. It could add perspective on how you can solve your biggest problem –A fresh perspective could spark the conversation you need to widen your vision and identify answers to your toughest problems. You may also be surprised to find other strategy leaders who have encountered strikingly similar strategic issues, giving you insight into an effective solution for your organization.
  2. Fresh eyes could see holes you might miss – As leaders, sometimes your vision becomes too narrow because you are just too far into your own organization. Fresh eyes on your plan could help you identify holes in your strategy or areas of your plan that you could strengthen.
  3. Strengthen your plan by following strategy best-practices – Having community input on your plan could daylight strategy best-practices you can use in your own planning process. Being a part of a strategy community allows you to learn what works [or doesn’t] in the planning process.
  4. Collaboration makes it easier – Reviewing your plan and collaborating on the process will make you more confident as you complete your strategic plan. Leaving planning sessions confident that you’ve created a strategy that matters will make it easier to transition your team into execution and performance management.

Use a community of leaders to help you devise a plan that will make an impact. There’s no reason to go it alone when people in virtually every industry around the globe are completing the same fundamental process. Being a member of the strategic planning tribe could make a world of difference for your organization.

Want to be a part of the planning community and get your 2016 plan done fast?

OnStrategy is hosting a two-week accelerated Strategic Planning Workshop to help guide you through designing an actionable 2016 strategic plan fast while creating alignment around strategic priorities and inspiring accountability for performance. We’ll review the end-to-end strategic planning process while you collaborate with organizations from around the globe completing the same process. The accelerated course beings October 20, click here to register now.

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