What Happens When The Foundation of Transformational Change Falls Apart? Part II

In our last newsletter we explored the idea that transformational change is built upon a handful of essential building blocks. Take any of these building blocks away and there will be unintended consequences that will prevent success.

Here’s a refresher for those who missed it. Successful change is supported by a critical few things that must be in place for the end-result of transformational change to happen.

Success Grid 1-01

So, what are they? They include shared vision, differentiated strategy, resourced goals, accountable action planning, consistent C-suite communication, and strategy-based meetings. When an organization puts money, energy, and time into making all of these happen contiguously, transformational change happens.

Without shared vision there’s disengagement. Without a differentiable strategy it’s likely your selling strategy will fail. Without resourced goals there are poor results.

Now, let’s take a deeper dive into the downstream impact of removing the remaining building blocks and its consequence on creating transformational change.

What happens when accountable action planning is omitted from the building blocks of success?

no action

Simple and straightforward, right? Of course, there’s probably action still happening throughout the organization, but it’s the kind of action without any clear ownership or alignment to achieving corporate goals.

Let’s make this just a little more challenging. What’s the organizational impact on successful change management initiatives without consistent C-suite communications?


Transformational change requires consistent C-suite communications to answer questions like “where are we going to play? How are we going to win? What’s our organizational roadmap to achieve our vision? What are the strategic initiatives we’ll tackle to get us there? How are we doing as an organization in achieving our goals?”

Strategy-based meetings are the last of the seven elements of successful change management. By strategy-based meetings we mean dedicated meetings focused exclusively to help manage the performance of your strategic plan. Leadership and key stakeholders are focused and using real data to measure progress.

So, pull it out and what happens?

only ops focused

Strategy-based meetings ensure leadership is holistically focused on organizational growth from different perspectives, including the perspectives of customers and staff.

Transformational change doesn’t happen overnight. Use the strategic planning process and the essential building blocks for successful change management. Invest in each of them and you’ll create a foundation supporting sustainable change.



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