The One Question You Need to Ask Your Leadership Team

Aug 20, 2021

“How does the growth of our organization provide a greater impact to our community’s future?”

As strategy consultants with a global client base, we see many business models and ways of working. The variety of organizations and their ways of working is one of the things that we love about our work.

As we recently started working with One Foundation in New Zealand to build their growth strategy, we became genuinely enamored with their business model and mission—so much that we think other leaders can learn from their approach.

So, what’s the big deal? What can you learn from One Foundation?

What is One Foundation?

One Foundation is a non-profit organization that holds 35 gaming licenses to run gaming machines across New Zealand.

In New Zealand, gaming licenses are awarded to non-profit organizations. The proceeds from gaming revenue are used to provide grant funding to support the community.

Based in Rotorua, New Zealand, One Foundation focuses on providing grants across their community, with a specific focus on supporting the sustainability and longevity of Māori First Nation Tribes across New Zealand.

Why is their business model AMAZING?

One Foundation is a perfect example of a triple-bottom-line impact in a community. Just like any leadership team, they’re driven to grow and expand their business. But, that growth contributes directly to the collective good of their community.

What can you learn from their way of working?

We’re not saying that every organization across the globe should adopt a business model like One Foundation.

However, One Foundation’s uncommon business model prompts a great question you might consider with your leadership team:

“How does the growth of our organization provide a greater impact to our community’s future?”



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