Communicating Strategy: Girl Scouts

Aug 01, 2006

I was browsing through strategy material and found that Girl Scouts have been hard at work planning for their future. What struck me the most was the boldness of posting their plan front and center for the world to see. It is clear they are excited and confident about the future of their organization. I was impressed with the organization and tactics Girl Scouts have applied to the structure of their strategic plan. They have developed six teams who are responsible for the different areas of planning called the Gap Teams who have developed a pathway to bridge the “gap” between where Girl Scouts is today and where they want to go in the future. The teams were arranged by function and each has a very diverse group of members working towards their goals.

Girl Scouts have also been busy promoting open discussions on strategy topics relevant to their organization. Topics for “Strategy Cafes” have been posted on the Girl Scouts websites for members to gather thoughts and ideas for future sessions. The first “Strategy Cafe” was a success where members shared ideas, creative thinking and fresh insight to be used in the planning process.

The Girl Scouts have posted more information about their Core Business Strategy than I can cover here, but you can view it on their website: .

Competitive markets force many of us to keep our strategy under wraps. If that weren’t the case, would you be confident enough to post your strategic plan for the world to see?



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