RTAA Proves Hot-Topics Belong in Your Strategy Review Process

Dedication and consistency in the strategy review process and cadence is the difference between reaching your goals or having a lifeless plan. But, after years of hosting the same review meeting and structure, how do you inject excitement into the process when it starts to feel repetitive?

We’ve recently been working with the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority (RTAA) to help adopt a new type of review meeting as part of their process called Hot Topics. Essentially, these strategy reviews allow the organization to address what external factors might impact their strategy. For RTAA, the recent government shutdown was an external factor the organization needed to address strategically to continue driving towards their long-term goals.

This new process has been a great way for the RTAA to have valuable, cross-divisional discussion about how the uncontrollable factors impact their planning efforts and how they might adjust to address those issues.

The meeting allows the collective group to discuss and address things that might impact their organization and pivot, adjust, or add to their plan to address these issues. To help your team participate in these types of meetings, structure the conversation to answer the following questions:

  • What external factors are happening or are going to happen that will impact our organization?
  • Do we need to add to or adjust our plan? How do we need to adapt?
  • What are we doing right now that we don’t need to continue doing?

Consider adding these meeting structures once a quarter to help mix up and refresh your implementation and review process. It allows your team to have structured conversation about how you might need to adapt your plan. It’s been a great reminder about the need for fluidity and flexibility in an otherwise structured and consistent process. Nice job, RTAA!



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