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Resources to Help You Battle Inflation

We’ve gathered some of our favorite articles and resources from other experts to help you consider how you might battle inflation:

HBR – Considering Raising Your Prices?

But before crafting a generic “we have to raise prices” memo, it is worthwhile for managers to consider the potential downsides as well as alternative strategies.

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HBR – Managing Your Supply Chain in Inflationary Times

As a business leader, you have had to deal with numerous challenges in recent years: the Covid-19 pandemic, criminal cyberattacks, extreme weather events, geopolitical tensions, and more. Now you can add inflation woes to your list of potential challenges.

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Forbes – Overview for Managing Inflation

Worried about all the predictions of inflation and how you’ll manage? Relax, you could be doing business in Ukraine, with its dizzying changes from one year to the next.

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Small Business Daily – Three Actions You Can Take Before Raising Prices

Naturally, as a small business owner, increases in prices affect you, but if you’re not a board member of the Federal Reserve, there’s not much you can do about inflation, right?

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McKinsey – Where is the Economy Going?

Looking beyond the pandemic: Could the world economy gain more than it lost to COVID-19?

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