Removing the Haze Around Medical Marijuana in Northern Nevada

May 05, 2016

This month the OnStrategy team is taking proactive measures to bring together our community to help prepare our region for medical marijuana. It’s a touchy and politically charged subject, but preparing Northern Nevada for its impact is a pretty serious undertaking.

Here’s the role we are playing to clear the haze (pun intended) to provide clarity around the topic in our home state:

The challenge we were solving: Medical marijuana impacts more than just one agency or group. In fact, it has implications across various government sectors, private companies, and the community at large. We knew we needed to bring those impacted around a table to discuss to start an actionable dialogue.

Our approach and work: We facilitated a session to bring together the various county governments, city governments, industry representatives, and the community to identify what’s the next step to prepare the region. Northern Nevada isn’t the first to tackle this issue, so the consensus was to learn from other regions who are further along in the process.

The “Ah-Ha” Moment: Collecting, analyzing, and sharing the statistical data about medical marijuana and its impacts are key for regional preparedness. It will help mitigate issues as they arise and allow the public to make informed opinions based on data instead of basing them on community or media bias.

This is a huge change in our own backyard. It’s a big challenge, especially with an issue that receives this amount of attention. But, we’re excited to help be a catalyst in preparing our community for the coming change.



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