Quickly Relevel and Reorder Your Plan’s Goals

Jun 15, 2018

One of the biggest reasons organizations embark on the strategic management process is to give their organization the knowledge, tools, and skillsets to create strategic agility to quickly adapt to change.

Perhaps one of the most frequent feature requests we have received is the ability to quickly reorder or re-level goals within a plan. We are excited to announce that you can now quickly reorder and re-level goals in your plan in OnStrategy simply by dragging and dropping.

With this new feature, you can move goals within a strategic priority, between strategic priorities, promote goals to be higher in a cascade, and demote goals to be lower in a cascade.

How can I move and rearrange goals in my plan?

If you need to move and rearrange goals or a goal cascade within your plan, you can do so within the “Move Goals” page underneath the “Goals” navigation. It’s important to note only the administrator has access to this page. Here’s a step-by-step process:

  1. Navigate to the “Move Goals” Page.

  1. Expand or contract the goal cascades to find the goal(s) you would like to move.
  2. Expand or contract the goal cascade to find where you would like your goal to move.
  3. Click and hold down your cursor on the goal you would like to move. Drag it into the new desired location.

  1. You will be prompted with a warning message to ensure you are moving the goal to the proper location and level. Simply select the proper location.

Reorganizing goals within your plan has never been easier.

What should I be aware of as I move goals around in my plan?

As you move and rearrange goals within your plan, it is important to note a goal’s “children” will also move.

It is also important to note if a goal’s supporting children are demoted lower than the lowest level in a plan, these children will be deleted from the plan.

Additionally, you may need to reassign goal owners if you move corporate or department goals to individual actions or individual actions to corporate or department goals.

Don’t worry, you will be prompted when either of these scenarios occur.

Who is permitted to move goals?

Only the Administrator is permitted to move goals within a plan. Any other user cannot see or access the “Move Goals” Page.



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