Putting 2019 Strategic Planning Front-And-Center

With each passing day, we come closer to ringing in 2019. And while the continued focus for us [and our clients] is achieving the goals and priorities in their 2018 plan, we’re in the beginning stages of working with our clients to help them prepare for 2019 planning.

As the days quickly pass in 2018, here are a few first steps we use with our clients to help them prepare for the coming year and planning process:

  1. Re-orient your team to your long-term objectives and where they live within your plan. As you prepare next year’s plan, it’s important to have your team revisit your organization’s long-term strategic focus and reinforce everyone supports the long-term vision of success.
  2. Decide what goals will be completed, carried forward, or what goals will need to be created. Have your team start thinking about what goals will need to be carried into 2019, what new goals might need to be created, and what goals will be complete at the end of the year.
  3. Think about what your Key Performance Indicators will be. You may still have the same performance indicators as you did this year, but as you roll into a new planning year, now is a good time for you to think about what indicators you’d like to sunset and others you’d like to add.

But – most importantly – don’t forget to stay focused on finishing 2018 with fidelity and focus. Q4 is almost upon us and we wish you the best luck finishing strong.



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