Providing Lake Tahoe Access to a Local, Sustainable Food System

Apr 11, 2019

Food Hub believes everyone should have access to local, sustainable food. It’s what drives their organization every day and fuels their passion.

But, how do you make a non-profit a more sustainable organization? They’ve seen success in growing their organization, but just as any leader begins to ask, how are we going to grow as a sustainable business?

It’s a question we hear all the time, and it has different meaning for every organization. The answer to the ever-present question starts with clearly understanding of where you want to be. It’s different for each organization, but every leader and team has an idea of what the “next level” of their business looks like. Be it a revenue target, a number of employees, or something else, there is always an expression of where you want to go.

For Food Hub, it means getting to a place where the organization is self-sufficient and free from the pressures of finding outside funding. To help them create their strategic plan and quantify what their success looks like, we started with calculations and projects. Like, serious calculations and projections.

Why? We needed to provide a quantified understanding of their future success as a revenue target. With that target and goal established, we then worked with their team to build their plan backwards to reach that target. It helped their entire organization and board understand where they are going without being esoteric or fluffy in the description of their future.

Working backwards. It’s an approach to planning we’ve come to love. Great work, Food Hub – we’re excited to see how your commitment to food sustainability will translate in the sustainability of your organization.



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