Providing Families Accessible Homecare Services to Keep People Living Where They Belong – at Home

Oct 19, 2017

At the core of every organization, there is a driving force that propels your organization to keep moving forward to achieve its vision. For Superior Home Care, it’s about keeping families united by providing the necessary services to keep loved ones living where they belong – at home.

A growing organization, Superior Home Care embarked upon the strategic planning process to put a plan in place to empower their organization to be proactive to growth instead of reactive. Growth is great, but Superior Home Care understands harnessing it strategically is more impactful than reacting to it.

Here are a few takeaways from Superior Home Care’s Planning Process:

  • Being proactive is always better than being reactive. They’ve harnessed their growth to help build a plan that ensures they can continue to grow strategically.
  • You need to bring the right people around the table. Superior Home Care united their movers and shakers around the table, gained consensus on where they’re going, and articulated a plan to get there. Buy-in from their stakeholders and leaders enable them to see continued success.
  • They put a tool in place to monitor their performance. In Superior Home Care’s case, they leveraged OnStrategy to manage their plan and visualize their performance to clearly see what is working, what isn’t, and how they need to adapt.

These actions have empowered Superior Home Care with the focus and agility they need to accomplish their goals. Nice work!



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