Providing Efficient Energy through Informed Strategy

Learn how a multi-state US energy provider has leveraged OnStrategy’s free organizational benchmarking assessment to continuously improve their strategy and performance during the past four years.

An informed strategy encompasses both your internal and external analysis to focus your organization’s time, energy, and resources on the right activities to drive your strategic performance.

For one of our clients in the energy sector, they’ve leveraged our free strategic performance index to collect insights from their leadership team to benchmark their organization’s performance against high-performing organizations. In fact, they’ve completed this survey every year for the past four years to jump-start their annual strategic planning.

So, what’s the long-term impact? In the case of this client, it has been continuous incremental improvements in performance year after year, which is helping impact their strategy. Here are a few benefits to leveraging the strategic performance index for your organization:

  1. It helps create focus and clarity for strategic planning: Gathering confidential insights from your leadership team identifies the right actions for your next planning effort.
  2. It’s free and only takes 15 minutes: Each web-based survey takes only 15 minutes for each member to complete. And it’s free.
  3. It gives you an effectiveness baseline: Completing this annually helps provide insight into how your organization improved year-over-year.
  4. Compare your strengths and weaknesses against high-performing organizations: See where your organization is succeeding and falling short when compared to successful, growth-oriented organizations.



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