Protecting Nevada’s Wildlife through Organizational Alignment

By Heyden Enochson

Protecting Nevada’s Wildlife through Organizational Alignment

This week, OnStrategy is working with the Nevada Department of Wildlife to develop their strategic plan and roadmap for their future success. The government agency has the hard, yet rewarding task of helping preserve and protect wildlife across the state of Nevada.

NDOW had some of the best survey responses we’ve ever seen from a client. In fact, the response rate was so good we reopened the survey and extended it to different members and organization stakeholders. Here’s a few awesome takeaways we had from both their survey and planning session:

  • Amazing survey engagement created buzz within the organization. When employees and stakeholders are heard, it creates a spark in the planning process. Everyone was excited and engaged in the process because they were being heard.
  • Excitement and buy-in are a huge catalyst in alignment. Because everyone had an opportunity to share their viewpoint and opinion, they’re invested in understanding where they are going and why.
  • NDOW is really excited about making this a living process. They’ve had strategic plans in the past, but everyone within their organization understands and is excited about the strategic management process. They clearly understand that great plans aren’t the ones collecting dust on a shelf.




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