Preserving the Culture and Language of the Chitimacha Tribe in Louisiana

Nov 16, 2017

Deep, long-standing client relationships are what our organization prides itself on. It’s rewarding and a privilege to be involved long-term with organizations like the Chitimacha Tribe in Louisiana to help them achieve their vision.

For Chitimacha, they’re continuing their focus on creating a strategic roadmap to preserve their culture and language, develop programming to serve their members, and ensure long-term financial stability and stewardship of their resources. Here are few key takeaways from their recent planning sessions:

  • Planning sessions to refocus and update the plan are key. Chitimacha hadn’t had a planning session in a while, so their leadership was excited to refocus their organization and felt recharged by having a clear focus and roadmap for the next few years.
  • Preserving culture starts by best serving membership. A key theme for Chitimacha is providing the programming that is essential to preserving their culture and ensuring that it thrives long-term.
  • Alignment is a powerful strategic weapon. The tribe was excited to have their leadership on the same page and driving in the same direction. We have a feeling this is going to be a huge strategic asset for them to achieve their goals.



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