Practice What You Preach: OnStrategy’s Culture Retreat

Last quarter, we focused our content heavily on culture and culture shift. The intersection of culture and strategy is an important one – one that isn’t often talked about in traditional strategic planning settings.

We decided to practice our own process for culture shift during our annual retreat earlier this month. While enjoying the late summer in the shimmering shores of Lake Tahoe, we worked together to identify which beliefs and behaviors we all wanted to continue, start, and stop to improve the way we work together.

Leveraging passages from Patty McCord’s Powerful [a great read we highly recommend] and this exercise, we identified a few key beliefs and experiences we are going to create based on our work as a team.

We believe in healthy debate as an organization.

The experience we seeking to create: Our team is going to create a set of standards and rules for a debate. We haven’t decide it they’re going to be formal debates or spur of the moment, but we are seeking to create an experience where our team thoughtfully engages in truly debating solutions to our biggest problems.

We believe in a team spirit where we can bring in our collogues expertise on a project we’re working on.

The experience we are seeking to create: Our leadership team is going to work on creating a program that allows us to bring the outside expertise of our internal collogues on projects we wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Even amidst the impending creation of our client’s 2020 strategic plans, we still had a wonderful time taking the time to practice what we preach set against the beautiful backdrop of our High Sierra Backyard!



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