Planning for Economic Stability on Curaçao’s Sandy Beaches

This week the OnStrategy Team caught some rays on the sandy beaches in Willemstad, Curacao while helping develop a long-term strategy for the country’s national oil company, Curoil. While we did get to play in the sand, we’re also pretty excited to have been part of helping build a plan for their long-term success.

During our stay on the island just off the coast of Venezuela (don’t worry, we had to look up where it was too!), here’s what we were able to accomplish and see during this facilitated session:

The challenge we were solving: Curoil already had a strategy in place, but it had grown into a plan too complicated to execute and wasn’t as strategic as it needed to be.

Our approach and work: Rather than start from scratch, we decided to work with the plan they already had. We helped them sift through the plan, simplify it, and add strategy where necessary.

The “Ah-Ha” moment: The biggest theme in this facilitated session was how impactful it is to have a strategy with clear, simple action. All of Curoil’s planning team walked away with very clear action steps that couldn’t be misinterpreted or misunderstood. Curoil left with clear action plans rather than a sprawling, unyielding strategy.

Did we mention the beaches, island hospitality, and underwater world? Curacao’s Caribbean charm and island hospitality had us wishing that all of our facilitated sessions included sandy beaches.



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